EKU Catering Policies and Procedures


EKU Catering is proud to provide the highest quality service to Eastern Kentucky University and its surrounding community. We have developed the following procedures that enable us to respond to your catering needs.


  • Prior to booking with EKU Catering, please have your location confirmed by contacting the building coordinator at the desired location to reserve your date and time.  For on campus events, you can contact EKU Conference and Events by dialing 859-622-6605.
  • Morning events require EKU Catering Staff to be able to access your event location the day before to begin set-up.  It is the client’s responsibility to communicate this to the building coordinator and to make sure access can be obtained.
  • We would appreciate two weeks advanced notice for booking your event; however, we will make every effort to accommodate your group on less notice whenever possible. If you are planning your event within the following week, please call us to ensure the availability of menu items.
  • The Catering Sales Office must receive a signed copy of your catering agreement three full business days prior to your event date in order to guarantee and prevent cancellation of your function.
  • In order to adequately prepare for your event, we ask that you provide us with a guaranteed number of guests three full business days prior to the event date. Billings are based on the guaranteed guest count plus any additions or the guaranteed count if your number of guests decreases.
  • We will be glad to provide vegetarian meals or accommodate special dietary needs for your guests. When you place your order, please be as specific as possible regarding any dietary needs.    (NOTE: For severe allergies with potentially anaphylactic reactions, we cannot guarantee full omission of the offending ingredient.  This is due to the physical constraints of our own kitchen and that of our specialist suppliers where the ingredients may be present within the production environment.)
  • For health and liability reasons, the removal of any unused food or beverage from an event by the client and/or guests is prohibited.
  • Outside food or non-alcoholic beverages are not permitted at a staffed EKU Catering event with the exception of wedding cakes.  Alcoholic beverages are only permitted if approved and brought by EKU Catering Staff.
  • Coffee and tea service can be ordered by the gallon and can be refreshed during the day for an additional fee.




  • All EKU departments and organizations will need to supply the appropriate ORG number two days prior to the event date.
  • We accept VISA and MasterCard. Please make checks payable to EKU Catering.
  • To ensure payment of those paying with a credit card or check a deposit of 50% of the estimated total will be taken two weeks prior to the event.
  • Payment of the balance must be paid in full by three business days prior to the event date.
  • Items charged on a consumption basis will be added to the contract the following day.
  • State tax exempt organizations need to submit a copy of their tax exempt certificate prior to the event.
  • At the time of ordering, please provide us with the purpose of the event, as well as who will be in attendance.
  • University organizations and departments using an ORG number will be tax exempt from state and local sales and meal taxes.
  •  State sales and local meal taxes may apply to all non-exempt events. 


    Cancellations & Adjustments

    All cancellations need to be made three business days prior to the catered event. 

    • 50% of event cost will be charged if order is cancelled within three business days of the event date.
    • 100% of event cost will be charged if order is cancelled the day of the event.
    • Guaranteed number of guests or any adjustments to the order must be finalized three business days prior to the catered event.


      Delivery Service

  • A $25 delivery charge is applied to all deliveries on campus, with the exception of the Powell Building.  A $35.00 delivery charge is applied to all deliveries off campus, but within Madison County. Deliveries to locations outside of Madison County will be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • For food delivery, we require access three hours prior to the start time and will deliver anytime within that time period.
  • Any buffet with over 24 guests will become a staffed event.
  • Deliveries may be subject to additional fees based on your location/building policies that require catering to set up additional equipment or clean up after your event.  Your event specialist will contact you with additional information and costs within 2 business days of booking your event.
  • Delivery service will not include any rentals, such as special linen or other tables. 



    Costs & Fees

  • In the event that you need to cancel a function, please notify us as soon as possible. Cancellations or changes made within three business days of the event date are liable to a cancellation fee or other costs incurred by EKU Catering.
  • The minimum charge for plated meals is $750. The minimum charge for buffet meals, delivered or staffed, is $1000. For receptions, the minimum charge is $500.  Special accommodations may be made for events that do not reach the minimums, please contact our office.
  • For a staffed event, we provide one server per 16 guests if serving a plated meal, or 1 server per 20 guests if serving a buffet style meal.  The fee is $20 per server, per hour.
  • We will be glad to provide china, glassware, and silverware to add elegance to your event. The china fee for a staffed event is $2.50 per person.
  • Ordering from the premier menu, and having 150 or more confirmed guests, will allow us to waive the china and linen fees. 
  • Additional charges may apply for larger groups; as well as major events like graduation, alumni reunion weekends, etc.  Your event specialist will inform you of potential additional charges within 2 business days of booking your event.
  • For staffed events, linens are provided for food and beverage tables.  Additional linens for guest tables can be rented.  The rental fee is $5 for each white linen and $7 for each black linen.
  • Specialty linen is available upon request and rental fees will vary.

Alcohol Policy


Approval Process:

Any person or organization wishing to sponsor an event on campus under the provisions of this Policy must complete a Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages, which may be obtained from Conferencing and Events, the Office of the Executive 9.1.1P Volume 9, Safety, Security and Environment Chapter 1, Alcohol on Campus Section 1, Consumption and Serving of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus Page 4 of 6 Vice President and University Counsel, or found at www.forms.eku.edu. Any sponsor from outside the University is required to make all arrangements under this Policy through Conferencing and Events. Sponsors from within the University must obtain the approval of the appropriate Vice President prior to submission of the form.

State laws requires you to have food at your event and it needs to be 35% in food sales vs alcohol sales. We can never cater an event with alcohol only.


Common alcohol sources (i.e., kegs, beer balls, party punches, champagne fountains, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages to be served are restricted to wine (including champagne), and beer. All alcohol must be served as outlined.

 For campus events please call Conferencing and Events at 859-622-6605.